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The National Association of the Federal Retireers has been founded in 1963 to defend Federal pensioners' interests and protect their benefits. With its 176,000 members divided within 79 sections across Canada, it is recognized as one of the leading senior's groups representing Federal retirees in Canada.

The Montreal Section began its activities in 1966, three years after the Federal Retireers Congress of foundation. With the consent of the Head Office, September 3rd, 1986, the Montreal section decided to incorporate and to obtain its letters of patent with the General Inspector of the financial institutions of the Government of Quebec to group the Federal pensioners and defend and protect their interests.

On October the 26, 2016, FSNA-Montreal Section Inc. was disolved in accordance with the law of the non-profit organizations and then was formed with a constituent act.  Federal Retireers - Montreal Branch.  This modification did not change its operations. 

The territory of the Montreal section consists of over 12,000 members and includes the geographical areas of Île-de-Montréal, Laval, Laurentian, Lanaudière and Montérégie up to the Yamaska River.

Board of Directors 2019-2020 -  FEDERAL RETIREES (Montreal Section)


(514) 381-8824


(514) 381-8824

Daniel Morin

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Treasurer - Marcel Couture

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Lucien Bélanger
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