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Why become a member of the Association?

To maximize and protect the benefits to which you are entitled.
According to its mission, the FSNA strives to reach the following objectives :

Protect and enhance the benefits for those in receipt of pensions under the superannuation acts (PS, CF and RCMP and the Judges Act
Prevent the acceptance of proposals detrimental to pensioners
Protect and enhance the whole benefits of seniors
Inform and assist pensioners with regard to their rights as federal pensioners
Cooperate with other seniors and pensioners'organizations the have mutual objectives
Our steps

FSNA is the largest and most influential advocacy group for federal retirees, representing pensioners receiving a pension in virtue of the superannuation acts (Public Service, Canadian Forces or RCMP) or the Judges Act.

We advocate for the protection of our members'pensions, health & dental insurance benefits. We seek to obtain enhancement of their pensions and at the same time we work to protect the general benefits of the retirees. We advocate to affect change at the policy implementation of proposals detrimental to pensioners' interest.

The FSNA played a front seat role in achivements such as :
full indexing of federal employees' pensions
surviving spouses' pensions upon remarriage
increase of the Supplementary Death Benefit
to 10 000 $ for PS and 5 000 $ for FC
the Dental Service Plan for pensioners
consolidation of the Public Service Health Care Plan
division of the pensions for the elder
Challenges of the Federal retirees and challenges of which the FSNA takes care :
the possibility of modifications to the Public Service superannuation acts (PSSA, CFSA, RCMPSA) which could decrease possible earnings
maintaining the indexation
modifications to PSHCP and PDSP benefits
integration of benefits with QPP at age 65
legal dispute related to pension fund surplus
getting married after the age of 60 or after retiring
modifications to the Public Service Health Care plan
Source of information

FSNA members have access to professional research staff located at our National Office in Ottawa.

This group of researchers can provide answers to pensioners' questions on such topica as : superannuation acts, Public Service Health Care Plan, Pensioners' Dental Services Plan and many other issues important to pensioners. Members are also dept informed through branch reports, special mailings and branch meeting across Canada, as well as through our Web Site.


Members receive the newsletter ON GUARD.

This quarterly newsletter provides our members with up-to-date information on topics related to their pensions, health & dental benefits, and other matters of concern. In addition to ON GUARD, we also provide members with "You and Your Survivors", a workbook especially disigned for FSNA members and their families to help them with estate planning and with the winding up of their estate.

Affinity Programs

FSNA members have access to exclusive saving on FSNA endorsed programs. These programs include : emergency travel insurance, home & auto insurance, long-term care insurance, escorted tours, CPP/QPP benefits audit, MedicAlert, relocation & real estate services, select hotel and car rental discounts. The savings that members enjoy from these exclusive programs can more th an cover their membership dues.

Affinity Programs

How can I inform you of my change of address, telephone or email?

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How is the indexing of pension calculated?


Being 65 years old, what does it mean?

When you reach 65 years old, important changes, affecting your income and your drug insurance, will happen. What do you have to do?

The following links provide all the information you need to know at least one year before your reach your 65th anniversary. There are actions to be taken and choices to make. Whether you received a letter from Service Canada or not you have to take action. These informations will help you understand the changes in your situation that you must expect.


Reaching Age 65


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Guaranteed Income Supplement


Deferring your Old Age Security pension


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Prescription drug insurance make your choice


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Why FADOQ (in French)

A judgment is necessary to act by virtue of a mandate of protection in anticipation of the inaptitude of a close..

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