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Federal Elections 2019


For the 2019 Federal Election campaign, the Montreal Branch had decided to send the candidates of the 43 different districts in our territory a "communiqué" asking them to tell us what are their opinion concerning the four priorities of the Federal Retirees namely:

  • Improving retirement income security
  • Prioritizing pharmacare
  • Implementing a national strategy for seniors
  • Improve the well-being of veterans and their families


Our "communiqué" was sent at the end of September to approximatly 150 candidates, for those whose email address were available, to the 5 principal political parties.  To see our communiqué, please click hereafter:  Communiqué

The result, a bit disappointing, of the number of answers obtained is the following and to know more about them, please click on the links below (in French only):

  • Liberal Party of Canadano answer
  • Conservative Party of Canada:  1 answer
  • New Democratic Party:  3 answers

          1. Laurentides-Labelle  2. Rivière des Mille îles  3. St-Léonard St-Michel

  • Green Party: 4 answers

          1. Hochelga  2. La Prairie  3. Rivière du Nord  4. Greg De Luca

  • Bloc Québécois:  4 réponses: 

         1. Alfred-Pellan  2.Crémazie  3.Équipe Marie-Hélène Gaudreau 4.Vaudreuil-Soulanges