Frequently asked questions

Federal Retirees is the largest and most influential advocacy group representing more than 170,000 federal retirees who receive a pension under the Public Service Superannuation Act, the Canadian Forces Superannuation Act, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Superannuation Act and the Judges Act.

In accordance with its mission, Federal Retirees works to achieve the following objectives:
  • protect and enhance retiree pension benefits under federal plans and the Judges Act
  • oppose measures unfavorable to federal retirees
  • protect and improve all benefits for seniors
  • inform and support retirees regarding their rights as federal pensioners
  • collaborate with other seniors and pensioners organizations that pursue the same objectives
Our representation and support approaches 

Federal Retirees defends the integrity of its members’ pensions, health and dental benefits. Federal retirees also seek improvements to their pensions and benefits while at the same time defending the benefits of seniors in general. We approach politicians to obtain changes that improve the quality of life of our members.

Benefits offered by Federal Retirees to our members

Members of Federal Retirees can take advantage of substantial savings from a wide range of partners.

Our directory of partners continues to grow and meets the needs of our members with reliable services in home and automobile insurance, moving, real estate transactions, travel, accommodation for retirees, and automobile rental. The savings a member can receive from these programs can exceed their annual contributions.

Becoming a member

When you turn 65, major changes are in store, mainly affecting your pension income and drug coverage. What do you need to do?

The following links provide all the information you need to have at least one year before you reach your 65th birthday. There are actions to take and choices to make. Whether or not you’ve received a letter from Service Canada, you must take action. The information contained in these links will help you understand the changes to your situation that you should expect.

Canada Pension Plan CPP

How much you could receive and deferment of old-age pension

Guaranteed Income Supplement 

The retirement pension under the Québec Pension Plan (QPP)

Medical Insurance, a choice to be made at 65

It pays to be a member of Federal Retirees, Montréal Branch! As a member, you are entitled to a $10 discount on your “annual” FADOQ membership; all you have to do is give them your Federal Retirees membership number and tell them whether you wish to join FADOQ Montréal (club no. Y802) or FADOQ Laval (club no. H800). Renewals are made annually at the beginning of the year. For more information, please call 1-800-828-3344 or click here